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Week 11 Response Post

Make a positive response to post. Post 1-4 do it in ASA style with at least 50 words per post. Post 5 and 6 you can use the remaining word count in MLA style. Criminology Post 1 Dick Gregory and the other black leaders made in announcement in the black communities asking for peace and unity. Dick Gregory specifically planned on uniting all gaMfs in his venture to create peace throughout the black communities. This plan that dick Gregory had scared law enforcement and they quickly found a way to stop and call more chaos within these communities. They believed that if they let this unity between these gangs happen they would lose power, and they couldn't risk that. Eugene and Jeff both were leaders, although very different. Eugene was an enforcer, he would be responsible for leading troops. Jeff on the other hand was diplomatic, he was known to be very passionate and to get to know everyone on a more personal level. He would be the one asked to talk to people within the community. The blackstone nation relationship with Woodlawn organization was very strong. The work line organization use them as a way to acquire funds. The blackstones didn't see this as a problem because they was given a place to organize, Vons to buy material possessions, and affiliation with leaders and a institution that gave them credibility (Moore, Williams 32-33). The Cointelpro is a FBI group use to monitor, control, and disrupt the social and political activities in the USA. It's main targets are groups seeking racial, gender, and class justice. It formed as a way to miss direct, and discredit the activities of black nationalist. To this day it is still active in the black lives matter movement. The FB I often tries to discredit the black lives matter movement as well as monitor, and this rap what they have going on! Moore, N, Williams, L. (2011). The Almighty Black P Stome Nation. Post 2 Black leader Dick Gregory held a press conference to announce the end of his forty day fast in protest of the Vietnam War. He also announced a plan to run for U.S. President as a write in candidate.Gregory also said that he planned to organize massive protests leading up to and through the Democratic National Convention to be held that August in Chicago ( Moore & Willians 2011). The propaganda campaign was basically to create friction between rival gangs. The Feds did not want gangs to become an alliance they feared it. The FBI would send false threats saying that it came from a rival gang just to get the gangs to want to kill each other. Eugene "Bull" Hairston and Jeff Fort had different leadership styles. In my opinion Eugene was more of a forceful person, he would kill first ask questions later. Fort was more conservative, he thought things through and rationalized everything. I believe Bull was a hothead, he would kill someone just because they were on his turf selling drugs without a warning first. I think the Stones and Disciples had a very trying relationship. It seems like they were always at odds. I think if they came together they just don't know how strong they could be. Cointelpro was a series of covert, and at times illegal projects conducts by the Federal Bureau of Investigations Aimed at infiltrating, surveiling, discreditng, and disrupting domestic political organizations. I believe cointelpro tactics are used against the BLM movement because the FBI nor the justice system period wants to see blacks coming together as one and being civiled. They rather see us killing one another or being locked up. Therefore they will use and tactics to spy on us and see what's going on. References Moore, Natalie, and Lance Williams. 2011. The Almigty Black P Stone Nation. Chicago,Il Post 3 Announcements made by civil rights activists like Dick Gregory are very captivating and the things that he says personally to me makes you think deeper and at the bigger picture of things. However when reading Almighty Black P Stone, I noted that when the Stones made an appearance at a civil rights movement to make a statement, Dick calmed them (51). In addition, the stones even conversed with Martin Luther King Jr. (53), the brief contact that the Stones had with these powerful influential men was momentarily effective. The Stones became more knowledgeable on the history of black people and that helped mold and structure the gang, but as I said before the meetings with these men especially King a non-violence promoter, had no long term effects for good because they were already taken by the streets and the power they had of intimidation. Jeff Fort leadership style is transformational leadership and Eugene Hairston leadership style is transactional leadership. According to MLQ transformational leadership is generally proactive to convince associates and followers to strive for higher personal and organizational potentials, as well as higher levels of performance. This describes Jeff because he was the face of the Stones, he always interacted with everyone while Bull (Eugene) was mostly behind the scene (38). Black Stones relationship with the Disciples was a senseless feud of hatefulness and jealousy. The Disciples were jealous because the Stones benefitted from the neighborhood organizations more so than they did in the beginning and the stones were outnumbered by the Disciples at the start. Moreover, I do not agree with the movement Black Lives Matter because mainly the people involved only stand up in occurrences of only police brutality and other races mistreating black people. When in reality black people are the main race killing and destroying each other and our own neighborhoods. The Federal Bureau of Investigation began COINTELPRO, counterintelligence program, in 1956 to disrupt the activities of the Communist Party of the United States. To my knowledge I don’t believe any COINTELPRO-like tactics are against BLMM. COINTELPRO. (2011). Retrieved November 01, 2016, from MLQ Leadership Questionnaire. (2016). PDF. Moore, N.Y., & Williams, L. (2011). The Almighty Black P Stone Nation: The rise, fall, and resurgence of an American gang. Chicago, IL: Lawrence Hill Books. Post 4 Dick Gregory, a black comedian who has become active in the civil rights movement, announces that he will organize protests and marches in Chicago before and during the Democratic National Convention to force the City to enact a stronger fair housing ordinance and take other steps to address civil rights issues in Chicago. The FBI Propaganda Campaign was to link black youths to murders with no evident to try and blame the Stones for these crimes and many more (Moore and Williams 2011). Eugene Hairston type of leadership is that he was more of a military type and enforcer someone you did not mess with. Jeff fort was sensible leader with compassion and I think that he was bipolar because of the way the book explained his moody ways. The FBI was worried that the Stones ‘s real and imaginary relationship with the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and the Republic of New Afrika was going to up rise and start a revolution against the government (Moore and Williams 2011). Cointelpro was, founded in 1956 under FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, he didn’t distinguish between political and criminal activity and sought only to neutralize dissent. One of the initiative’s priorities was to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of the Black nationalists,” according to FBI documents. Most of the groups it monitored, outside of white supremacist groups, were seeking racial, gender and class justice. The Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring the Black Lives Matter movement since the Ferguson protests last August, according to The Intercept. A peaceful Washington, D.C., protest in support of Freddie Gray was monitored along with cultural festivities like D.C.’s Annual Funk Parade and prayer vigils in predominately black neighborhoods, according to emails The Intercept obtained through FOIA requests. Hashtags pertaining to the movement were followed as well, even though there was no indication of violence ( Cointelpro 2015). References: Moore, Natalie and lance Williams. 2011. The Almighty Black P stone Nation. Chicago, Il; Chicago Review Press. The Huffington Post Aug 19, 2015 - COINTELPRO, founded in 1956 under FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, didn't ... Politics Post 5 Political PAC, which stands for political action committee, is a type of organization that gathers money from members and donors to fund campaigns for candidates, legislation, and more. The federal government considers an organization or person a PAC when their campaign contributions surpass $2,600. Super PAC’s were created to cheat the system by giving donors the ability to donate an unlimited amount of money towards a campaign, as long as it is not given directly to the party or candidate. Citizens United ruling, which was decided on January 2010, gave corporations and unions the ability to spend an endless amount of money on political campaigns. By giving corporations and unions this massive amount of power, they have the ability to heavily influence elections. Through this ruling the United States government has created a system where money is power. Even though Super PAC’s are not allowed to donate funds directly to campaigns or parties, there are always loop holes. Majority of political candidates have foundations of their own, where endless amounts of money can be donated that the politician easily has access to. Super PAC’s are contributing money for their health, but to get something in return. Money breeds money. Super Pac’s make contributions and cut a deal with the politician receiving the money to get something in return. An example would be American Leads, which donated $17,943,972 to the Republican party, specifically Chris Christie. They also spent $634,880 campaigning against democrats. American Leads has business ventures surrounding Republican stances on policy. Post 6 I WILL MESSAGE YOU WITH POST AS SOON AS CLASSMATE POST IT
Make a positive response to post. Post 1-4 do it in ASA style with at least 50 words per post. Post 5 and 6 you can use the remaining word count in MLA style. Criminology Post 1 Dick Gregory and the other black leaders made in announcement in the black communities asking for peace and unity.
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