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Memo Assignment: What is Sustainability Economics?

Now that you have read What is Sustainability Economics? by Stefan Baumgärtner and Martin Quaas, write a memo to your course instructor summarizing one or two of the key challenges addressed by the report. Use this link to submit your Memo Assignment. Your memo should be approximately one page in length and type should be single spaced.
Now that you have read What is Sustainability Economics? by Stefan Baumgärtner and Martin Quaas, write a memo to your course instructor summarizing one or two of the key challenges addressed by the report. Use this link to submit your Memo Assignment. Your memo should be approximately one page in length and type should be single spaced.
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You should select an ethical issue that either has occurred or might occur in a medical practice. Write an analysis of the issue and potential decisions or solutions, using the concepts introduced in your study units. You might pick one of the following: A situation currently in the news, An ethics dilemma witnessed in a medical practice either as an employee..
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