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NEED IN 12 HOURS Epidemiological Research Paper using the Socio-Ecological Model

Using the Socio-Ecological Model (SEM) which can be found at identify each level of the SEM, as described in the attached resource article, and provide a brief explanation of each level (1. Individual or intrapersonal factors 2. Interpersonal processes and relations with primary social groups 3. Institutional factors 4. Community factors 5. Public policy) Explain how the SEM helps address the health issue and how you can utilize this to public health and health promotion practice. Provide an example for each level.
Using the Socio-Ecological Model (SEM) which can be found at identify each level of the SEM, as described in the attached resource article, and provide a brief explanation of each level (1. Individual or intrapersonal factors 2. Interpersonal processes and relations with primary social groups 3. Institutional factors 4.
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