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Capstone Project Milestone 3: Educating Staff: Implementing Change

1.Create an educational presentation for staff before the launch of your change project. This should inform the staff of the problem, your potential solution, and their role in change project. 2.The format for this proposal will be a PowerPoint presentation. 3.The length of the PowerPoint presentation should be 15 slides; excluding the title and reference slides 4)You are required to use the assignment specific item(s) (article/systematic review/topic/form/templates) or you will earn a "0" for the assignment. In addition, assignments that do not follow the current guidelines or use the required item, as defined above, will be evaluated for evidence of an academic integrity violation.
1.Create an educational presentation for staff before the launch of your change project. This should inform the staff of the problem, your potential solution, and their role in change project. 2.The format for this proposal will be a PowerPoint presentation. 3.The length of the PowerPoint presentation should be 15 slides; excluding the title and reference slides 4)You are required to use the assignment specific item(s) (article/systematic review/topic/form/templates) or you will earn a "0" for the assignment.
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