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Choose any example you wish to discuss in relation to life politics.

Discuss life politics in relation to one of the following: vegetarianism, veganism, freeganism, organic food, ethical food or sustainability. Week 2LECTURE 2 Tuesday March 6thGiddens, life politics and ethical food consumption READINGBeagan, Brenda L., Svetlana Rostovski-Slijepcevic and Gwen E. Chapmen, 2010.‘People Are Just Becoming More Conscious of How Everything’s Connected’: ‘Ethical’ Food Consumption in Two Regions of Canada’ Sociology, Vol. 44 No. 4, 751-769. Tutorial Friday March 9th‘Life Politics’ cont’d READINGJudge, Madeline and Marc S. Wilson, 2015. ‘Vegetarian Utopias: Visions of dietary patterns in future societies and support for social change.’ Futures. Vol. 71, p 57 – 69.
Discuss life politics in relation to one of the following: vegetarianism, veganism, freeganism, organic food, ethical food or sustainability. Week 2LECTURE 2 Tuesday March 6thGiddens, life politics and ethical food consumption READINGBeagan, Brenda L., Svetlana Rostovski-Slijepcevic and Gwen E. Chapmen, 2010.‘People Are Just Becoming More Conscious of How Everything’s Connected’: ‘Ethical’ Food Consumption in Two Regions of Canada’ Sociology, Vol. 44 No.
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