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Educational manual on conservative management Of Carpal tunnel syndrome for OT practitioners

APA format. A Capstone project as an educational manual on conservative management of carpal tunnel syndrome for Occupational therapy practitioners.Proposal to include 1.Project title 2.problem statement (the reason why Project is needed )3 review literature(pieces of evidence that guide "why". 4.The implication for OT (how it contributes to OT profession)-OT terminology ( framework -111 to include a model of practice and frames of references. Description of the project. *participants are OT colleagues *educational manual *where when how to do it - in-service colleagues upon an agreeable time with rehab director *what to anticipate( results)will they support and find it as a tool to use in their practice. *How will the result be collected and analyzed *What is hoped to be learned? *How does the project contribute to OT profession?
APA format. A Capstone project as an educational manual on conservative management of carpal tunnel syndrome for Occupational therapy practitioners.Proposal to include 1.Project title 2.problem statement (the reason why Project is needed )3 review literature(pieces of evidence that guide "why". 4.The implication for OT (how it contributes to OT profession)-OT terminology ( framework -111 to include a model of practice and frames of references. Description of the project.
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