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Effects of Substance Addiction on Adolescents (Need Complete in 20 Hours)

As a probation officer, you have been asked by the principle of the local high school to present information during the weekly assembly on chemical addiction and treatment options. Explain the effects of substance addiction on adolescents and young adults. For example, what are the behaviors like? What is the thought process? What physical changes occur? Do the addicts develop new friends and lose old ones? Is their employment negatively impacted? Assignment •Provide an overview of the effects of substance abuse on adolescents from the following perspectives: ◦Behaviorally ◦Psychologically ◦Physically ◦Socially •Explain the importance of treatment, and detail the different types of treatment options available for substance addiction. •Explain the benefits of inpatient treatment and a 12-step program.
As a probation officer, you have been asked by the principle of the local high school to present information during the weekly assembly on chemical addiction and treatment options. Explain the effects of substance addiction on adolescents and young adults. For example, what are the behaviors like? What is the thought process?
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