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Difference between a functionalist and a symbolic interactionist view of crime and deviance?

Of concern in much sociological and political discussion in recent decades has been the question of inequality in society. The extent, distribution, causes and effects of a variety of forms of disadvantage has stimulated lively and wide ranging debate on a range of social issues; health outcomes, crime and delinquency, family breakdown, unemployment. The complexity of the inter-relating forces at work in society has meant that there are no simple answers to addressing inequality and disadvantage, but a close examination of the evidence, combined with careful analysis of the underpinning sociological and philosophical ideas can help us to assess which explanations provide the most convincing account of the causes and effects of social disadvantage. Required Task 1 essay - 2500 words. Essay questions: • What is the difference between a functionalist and a symbolic interactionist view of crime and deviance? Guidance notes An essay is continuous writing with no subheadings Take note of the question and ensure that you are answering it Refer to the learning outcomes to guide your discussion See the seminar guides for recommended reading – wider reading based on your own research is also strongly encouraged Pay attention to the word limit of 2500 words (within a 10% difference) Ensure you proof read your essay Use correct Harvard referencing Considerations: • Sociological perspectives (Marxism, feminism, functionalism, symbolic interactionism, post-modernism, Weberianism) • Social class, social status, social stratification, social mobility • Sociology of health • Social determinants of health • Perspectives on poverty (New right, social democratic, Marxist, underclass, material deprivation, cultural deprivation, capitalism) • Social inequality and social exclusion • Structure vs. agency • Wilkinson thesis, Marmott Review, Black report, Acheson Report • Gender, ethnic and class differences • Post-industrialism, labour market flexibility, psychosocial stress, anomie
Of concern in much sociological and political discussion in recent decades has been the question of inequality in society. The extent, distribution, causes and effects of a variety of forms of disadvantage has stimulated lively and wide ranging debate on a range of social issues; health outcomes, crime and delinquency, family breakdown, unemployment. The complexity of the inter-relating forces at work in society has meant that there are no simple answers to addressing inequality and disadvantage, but a close examination of the evidence, combined with careful analysis of the underpinning sociological and philosophical ideas can help us to assess which explanations provide the most convincing account of the causes and effects of social disadvantage. Required Task 1 essay - 2500 words.
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