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What is the purpose of utilizing Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in nursing care?

Rubric: Word usage > 350 words Paragraph requirements: 5 paragraphs and proper paragraph structure; 1point Proper APA utilization for Title page, body of document, and running heads: 1 point Proper APA formatting of reference page and 2 citations of references within body of document: 1point Proper essay structure, spelling, and grammar usage: 1point Essay clearly identifies the purpose of utilizing Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in nursing care.
Rubric: Word usage > 350 words Paragraph requirements: 5 paragraphs and proper paragraph structure; 1point Proper APA utilization for Title page, body of document, and running heads: 1 point Proper APA formatting of reference page and 2 citations of references within body of document: 1point Proper essay structure, spelling, and grammar usage: 1point Essay clearly identifies the purpose of utilizing Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in nursing care.
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