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James Tillman and American Criminal Justice System

For the following assignment please prepare a 2 page essay: typewritten, double-spaced, using 12-pt. font, where you answer the following question: What is your view of the American criminal justice system? Review and synthesize the evidence provided in the Innocence Project documents (see URL's below, letters b and c please cut and paste URL's into web address bar to access information) and the James Tillman story (NY Times article, see attachment below). Then, prepare and support your thesis statement/argument and make recommendations. Be sure to use the evidence in a coherent argument that connects to your recommendations. Be sure to incorporate your answers to the questions below into your essay. a. What did you learn about the American criminal justice system by reading the Tillman article? b. Peruse through the Innocence Project website: - What do you think about the work they are doing? How does it make you feel? Is this type of work necessary? c. Look at the data contained in the Innocence Project Fact Sheet tell us: What does this data say about criminal justice in the U.S.? What inferences can you draw? d. Discuss the leading causes of Wrongful Convictions e. What view of the American criminal justice system is expressed in the Innocence Project documents? Tillman Article NY Times..doc
For the following assignment please prepare a 2 page essay: typewritten, double-spaced, using 12-pt. font, where you answer the following question: What is your view of the American criminal justice system? Review and synthesize the evidence provided in the Innocence Project documents (see URL's below, letters b and c please cut and paste URL's into web address bar to access information) and the James Tillman story (NY Times article, see attachment below). Then, prepare and support your thesis statement/argument and make recommendations.
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