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Research Paper on an instance of genocide since 1945

Research and Report on an instance of genocide since 1945, provide an overall introduction to the issue of genocide in the country of Bosnia Herzegovina. Next, provide information on the nation/culture/religion/group being persecuted(The victims). Third, provide information on the group committing the atrocity(the persecutors), being sure to explain their motivation for the genocide. Finally, describe any steps being taken(nationally or internationally), to combat or end the genocide. If the genocide has already come to an end, explain how the persecutors have been penalized for their crime. If they have not been penalized, Why not? If the genocide continues today, what has been done to stop it?
Research and Report on an instance of genocide since 1945, provide an overall introduction to the issue of genocide in the country of Bosnia Herzegovina. Next, provide information on the nation/culture/religion/group being persecuted(The victims). Third, provide information on the group committing the atrocity(the persecutors), being sure to explain their motivation for the genocide. Finally, describe any steps being taken(nationally or internationally), to combat or end the genocide.
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