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Final Paper Assignment Description: Assignments 4a and 4b

You have been asked by an organization to present the ways in which a workplace "Happiness" campaign may or may not help with employee recruitment, engagement and retention. Some of the management believe that a Happiness campaign is crucial to improving the organization's reputation as a preferred employer and increasing productivity within the organization. Others argue that Happiness campaigns do not provide a good return on investment (ROI). In this paper, argue your view on what a Happiness campaign may or may not accomplish for the organization. Construct your argument according to the structure laid out in CWR Section A4. All arguments should contain an argumentative thesis supported by well-structured body paragraphs that back up your position with material from the four required articles that we have read in this course. If you desire, you may also use material from the three optional articles provided for the course. You might speak to the definition of happiness, the role that happiness plays in workplace productivity and the relationship between happiness and success.You may also consider other important factors discussed in the forums throughout the course. You should not conduct any additional research for this assignment. NOTE: This is an academic paper, not a briefing note or decision paper. It is not necessary to create a hypothetical organization to address your paper to, and you do not create an action plan for implementing employee engagement or workplace recognition campaigns.
You have been asked by an organization to present the ways in which a workplace "Happiness" campaign may or may not help with employee recruitment, engagement and retention. Some of the management believe that a Happiness campaign is crucial to improving the organization's reputation as a preferred employer and increasing productivity within the organization. Others argue that Happiness campaigns do not provide a good return on investment (ROI). In this paper, argue your view on what a Happiness campaign may or may not accomplish for the organization.
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