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History of Garifuna Music and Punta dance in Honduras

TOPIC : History of Garifuna Music and Punta dance in Honduras An abstract is a short (150-350 words) summary of a research study or project. It should summarize the project’s goal or purpose and main points or take-aways. It should describe your work, what you learned, what conclusions you reached, your recommendations for future study, and it must list your citations/sources. See the example on the next page. What are citations or resources? Is there a required format for them? Your references (sources consulted) are resources that you must cite (credit) in your work. You may use general resources such as Wikipedia and YouTube but these can not be your only references. You must also use more specific and scholarly references. Include urls for online sources, so that your peers and professor can locate them easily. List your resources in a standard form, such as APA, Chicago or MLA. Include urls for all online resources even if not required by the form you use (so that your peers and I can locate the resources easily). If you are unsure about how to write citations or would like more information on writing an abstract, see the Online Writing Lab of Purdue University:
TOPIC : History of Garifuna Music and Punta dance in Honduras An abstract is a short (150-350 words) summary of a research study or project. It should summarize the project’s goal or purpose and main points or take-aways. It should describe your work, what you learned, what conclusions you reached, your recommendations for future study, and it must list your citations/sources. See the example on the next page.
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