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-Fine the argument in the articles, take a position, if your can acknowledge the counter arguments and how they differ do so. Use the article to prove point and Biblical Scripture to prove point. Use end notes =(page?)to cite and a bibliography. 2 *2 pages each no double space 1.) Part 2: The Temple and Jewish Theology In our last session on introductory and contextual matters, we turn to look at the role of the Temple in the Judaism contemporaneous with Jesus. The impact of the Jerusalem Temple’s destruction in 70 C.E. on both ancient Judaism as a whole and on the fledgling sect of Judaism we have come to call Christianity is difficult to overstate. It was an extraordinary social and religious trauma, which left a clear impression on the Evangelists as they remembered Jesus. Read: *Levenson, “The Jerusalem Temple in Devotional and Visionary Experience” Levenson -- Jerusalem Temple File 2) Part 1: Jesus and Other Messiahs The historical Jesus, it turns out, is a bit of a mystery. Picking up with Schneiders’s distinction between the actual Jesus and the historical Jesus, in this session we will look at the sorts of procedures scholars have gone through to try to “recover” or “reconstruct” the historical Jesus and their motivations for doing so. Along the way we will compare the historical figure of Jesus with stories of other similar Messianic figures. Read: *Allison, “How to Proceed” Allison -- How to Proceed File 3.) Part 2: What is Righteousness? There is some strong language in Matthew that would seem to reflect early Christian anti-Semitism. In this session, we will wrestle with this language by considering what the situation may have been in which Matthew was writing. We will look especially at Matthew’s portrayal of the Pharisees, and his theme of the fulfillment of Scripture. Exercise: *“Jesus Curses the Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees,” Gospel in Solentiname Gospel in Solentiname -- Jesus Curses Teachers of Law File 4.) Part 2: In Parables One of the key features of the Evangelists’ memory of Jesus is that he frequently spoke in parables. While the parables are not unique to Luke’s Gospel, Luke does seem to highlight the parables perhaps more than the other Evangelists. Regardless, in this session we take a closer look at this literary form and the difficulties involved in interpreting parables. Read: *Synopsis passages §§ 122-25, 130 (Mark 4:1-25, 33-34 & parallels) *Hedrick, “Parable,” New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible Hedrick -- Parable File Part 2: Gospel of the Logos: John’s Story of Jesus The Gospel of John, sometimes called the Spiritual Gospel, contains the most overtly divine portrayal of Jesus. It has often been understood as the most influenced by Greek and Roman notions of divine mediator figures. In this session we will explore those claims as we come to grips with the shape and distinctive features of the Gospel of John. Read: The Gospel of John (in one sitting, in about one hour) Gospel in Solentiname -- Prologue to John File
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