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ForevermoreFungi ( Organically Farming Fungi) & Research

Due May 18th. You must have a AGRICULTURAL BACKGROUND! My BP is for Large scale Mushroom production on a permaculture level. Less carbon footprint the better. More sustainable the better. More organic my farm runs the better. Forevermore Fungi & J Hemp was pondered up to the response to the governments intention to allow agriculture as a form of profitable business. My farm will end up enhancing the local county to new opportunities to learn how to farm a variety of gourmet fungi and other mushrooms to aid in environmental conservation standards organically. My farm will be cultivating a safe environment for such like minded individuals/students that express a deep passion to become involved in future research and development of scientific Fungi (Mycology). We cultivate to orchestrate the dispersal of Organic farm grown medicinal/gourmet mushrooms by log cultivation and block/bag method. Mushrooms are delicious and nutritious. When there log grown such fungi have the highest amount of medicinal properties, rather than the current more popular block substrate method of cultivating mushrooms. When there Organic theres no need for panic, No assuming on what you or family is consuming. This product has nice aromas & earthly subtle flavors that enhances all dishes from all cultures. This product will be focused to our growing Fork to Farm restaurants and to some local farmers markets. Mushrooms are now being used as packing material. I’m just a Horticulture major, should of taken a business class too ALL information must be current with todays market #’s. I also need projected market #’s with potential increases in production value. Must meet all USDA organic standards when product standards are considered. Mushrooms are unique! You must be familiar with some agricultural practices to make sound judgements about fungi farming. I have 5 -10 acres of land to produce this type of produce. Who’s passionate about our earths health? This Business Plan will help correct man’s environmental mess ups. -These Fungi’s can help other plants grow better when planted properly. _These Fungi need proper reckoning through there abilities to breakdown long carbon chains. The fungi can benefit CALIFORNIA’s timber industry via (carbon-break-down) -Current California Business plan to request $50,000-$100,000 agricultural loan for agricultural production & research. -Must include future technology of mushroom market and other products being produced around the world. - When speaking science talk and research, cite the source, which I didn’t do. - What are your competitors selling for? You tell us what you sell for... ? - What will the security costs be? - Distribution / packaging costs? Storage..? Best practices to save costs, Solar? - How much money do you need? 50,000-100,000 aprox - What will be the return strategy for investors and how much.? - Grammar! I gotta tighten up the language. I need high quality structure and input on this. $400.00 + Diamon quality.
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