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STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) in AfterSchool

Design a STEM Afterschool Program present via powerpoint. Aimed at Georgia students grades 1-5. (18 slides) Additional resources: Only PPT.pdf
Design a STEM Afterschool Program present via powerpoint. Aimed at Georgia students grades 1-5.
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Based on what you have learned about mobile and wearable computing devices this week, create a maximum 5-slide Powerpoint presentation to the CEO of your company.  Convince the CEO that these devices and the data from these devices would benefit their business. Also, compare two different kinds of mobile and wearable devices, including their features and..
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Complete the attached Written exercise: 1) calculation of RR, 2) calculation of OR; 3) calculations of AR, ARF, PAR, PARF; 4) calculations of sens, spec, PPV, NPV; 5) series of 3 tables showing confounding, with interpretation questions; 6) series of tables showing effect modification, with interpretation questions. Reading:  PPs on epidemiologic methods;..
Assignment: WK 2 Stats Primer - CardioGood Fitness
Purpose To assess the student's ability to: Compute descriptive statistics to create a customer profile. Write a report, detailing the findings to present to the management. Apply the three-step writing process into the business brief. Please find the ACTION PLAN in the attached file (Assignment WK 2 Stats Primer CardioGood Fitness, Chapter 3) and follow..
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Application: Five Major Child Development Topics: Additional Resources Think back to the interviews featuring five professionals in the early childhood field that you watched in the Foundations course. Do you recall the ways in which each of these five experts discussed the importance of resources? Although each mentioned a variety of resources, all agreed..
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Please read the instruction carefully and discuss these 2 questions. These are 2 independent questions and topics with their own readings, not related to each other and due at different date: 1. Question 1 (Operational Efficiencies matter - 2 paragraphs): Taking into account the readings and your own experiences what are some compelling trends on this topic..
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