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Funding clients with alcoholism ( NEED DONE IN 15 HOURS)

You are working in a community mental health center in a rural area that has a need for you to start an addictions group for clients with alcoholism. You meet with your boss and he asks you to bring your proposal to present at the next board meeting in order to get them on board to approve funding for this program. •How you would form the group? Include what you will do to inform potential clients and the steps involved in forming the group. •How would you terminate the group? Include what criteria you will use to evaluate when clients are ready to graduate from the group. •Identify 2 group counseling approaches you might use with this population and why. •Identify 1-2 of the counseling issues you might encounter in the group. How would you handle these issues? Provide specific strategies/techniques and why those are the most appropriate. •Provide a rational of the need for funding of this group that includes the benefits that the group therapy would provide. Cite your sources using APA style and include references at the end.
You are working in a community mental health center in a rural area that has a need for you to start an addictions group for clients with alcoholism. You meet with your boss and he asks you to bring your proposal to present at the next board meeting in order to get them on board to approve funding for this program. •How you would form the group? Include what you will do to inform potential clients and the steps involved in forming the group.
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