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A simple TiO2 based dye-sensitized solar cell to demonstrate solar energy using natural ingredients

Simple Dye- sensitized Solar cell (DSSC) Report( Sandwich type DSSC) approx 3000 words Title : A simple TiO2 nanostructures based dye-sensitized solar cell to demonstrate solar energy using natural ingredients Abstract Intro DSSC – what they are and why people are interested in them? Need to talk about Pigments , -Anthocyanin ( very important pigment molecule for DSSC ) -Carbonyl and OH functional groups chelate Ti4+ on titania surface -structures of the dye pigments ( anthocyanin) Natural products that contain pigments -raspberry, blueberry, rosehip (betacarotene), why we choose raspberry as the dye of solar cell, you need to find out more information about raspberry pigments and also referencing it. Paragraph to say what you have done in the project ( I will write this part) Methods& Material -for each section in the results, a paragraph describing how you made the sample (the method& material which are same as in the supp-info paper, you just need change it into your own words) Results& discussion section XRD of the titania – reference with the JCPDS card and full width at half maximum calculation for crystallite size ( I will attach the data ) Analysis of Raman spec of the pigment bound to the titania( one is plane titania ,one is titania bound with raspberry extract pigments and one is just plane raspberry) I will attach the figure and data ,plz write the discussion based on the 3 different curve. Analysis of UV-vis spec of the pigment(raspberry & rosehip tea) extract ( plz referencing the literature wavelength value of anthocyanin of UV visible spec should be around 570-600nm ) I will attach the raspberry extract and rosehip tea extract UV spec data and graph which is in excel file, you need to copy paste the graph from excel to world and analysis the peak of the spec which could be antocyanin or other pigments. Finally write a discussion about the uv spec . Assembly of the DSSC: ( you can find the information from the paper I attached or you can search online) Anode preparation (sensitized titania) Cathode preparation (carbon soot deposited on the FTO glass slide) Electrolyte – iodide/tri-iodide electrolyte Parafilm spacer – its purpose: prevent short circuiting of the cell Solar cell output: quote millivolt output ( I will attach the data) This part information which you can find out form my attached papers. Put in the comparison of commercial solar cell Show the current-volatage response of the commercial solar cell, and include a circuit diagram ( I will attach the data ) Conclusion Sth about DSSC & electrical energy of solar cell. Reference (APA) Finally, If the papers I provided don't have the information you need, you can search online but you need to reference it . Plz do not copy & paste from the papers, this will be submit through turnitin , if you find anything useful ,plz change it into your own words!! Thanks!! online.
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