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Reading Analysis Over "Sixty-nine Cents" by Gary Shteyngart

Write a short paper analyzing—not summarizing—the composition and craft of the assigned reading selection. In other words, explain the writer's choices and effectiveness of those choices. Illustrate your points about the writing sample and what you've learned about writing by quoting from and citing the selection. “Citing the selection” means to include in-text (a.k.a. parenthetical) citations wherever you summarize, paraphrase, or quote from the selection, and to include a work cited entry at the end of your analysis. Your analysis should be moderately formal and about 500 words long. Before you write, study the selection: review it line by line, perhaps print it out and underline and make notes on key passages, considering sentence and paragraph structure, noting any words you don’t know, and thinking about why I assigned it. Discuss all five (5) of these aspects in each Reading Analysis Paper: Author’s writing situation (i.e. subject, thesis, audience, purpose) Rhetoric (i.e. strategies the author uses to make the piece seem credible, appealing, persuasive) Composition techniques (i.e. organization, coherence devices, development, introduction, conclusion, etc.) Grammar & sentence style (quote sentences and identify the sentence structures, sentence purposes, use of emphasis, word choice, etc.) Punctuation (quote sentences and explain how the author uses punctuation effectively: commas, colons, apostrophes, semicolons, dashes, parentheses, hyphens, etc.) Conventions: Identify the correct genre for the reading selection (essay, story, book excerpt, web article, etc.) Discuss writing sample in present tense (e.g. “Sowell argues that . . . ” or "The author's break to a new paragraph suggests that she . . . ") Use signal phrases to introduce author & title, then abbreviate title & refer to author by last name Quote exact wording, choosing only relevant quotes to illustrate your point about the writing Manipulate quotes appropriately, using square brackets or ellipses as needed Include MLA citations, e.g. (Tan 105) or ("Buyer Beware") (see MLA sectionin textbook for help with in-text citations & work cited entries) Explain/interpret/elaborate upon quotes Adopt academic terminology, tone, & purpose in your writing Do not comment upon the subject matter of the reading selection unless you are analyzing a point about the author's rhetorical purpose/audience, etc.
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