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There are three parts to the Unit 1 assignment: memo, email

There are three parts to the Unit 1 assignment: memo, email and letter A. For the memo portion, you will need to review the memo prompts on Blackboard, choose one, and respond to it. B. For the email portion, you will need to review the angry emails on Blackboard, pick one, and respond to it from the perspective of a customer service representative for the organization. C. For the letter portion, you will choose to respond to either exercise 2.7 or 2.8 on page 43 in your textbook. You will then draft a traditional letter addressing the issue(s) presented in the prompt you’ve chosen. Neither prompt gives you a specific company, product, or service to focus on—you must pick one on your own. However, the information you use must be real; that is, you must select a real company and a real product or service, and then use that company’s address information, etc. For exercise 2.8, you do not need to have ordered a product based on exercise 2.7—instead, you may write a complaint letter in response to a product or service you purchased that was problematic in some way.
There are three parts to the Unit 1 assignment: memo, email and letter A. For the memo portion, you will need to review the memo prompts on Blackboard, choose one, and respond to it. B. For the email portion, you will need to review the angry emails on Blackboard, pick one, and respond to it from the perspective of a customer service representative for the organization.
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