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REQUIRED MOVIE #1: An Inconvenient Truth - Fri Lab

Required Movie Discussion Board – An Inconvenient Truth (2006) 1 hour, 36 minutes This is not for extra credit - but is 30 points of the 1000 points total for the course. Make sure to read the questions first, and write down the times when these points are discussed in case you need to hear those parts again. Link: (Links to an external site.)ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي. Username: sus1, Password: SUSisgr8 One of the pivotal turning points that led to a change in public consensus on climate change was the airing of the movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in 2006. It provides straight forward explanations for global warming and the greenhouse effect that anyone studying climate change should be able to explain to others. It also addresses several commonly held Climate Denier Myths. After all the studying you have done for the quizzes and labs for this course so far, we now give you the opportunity to sit back, watch the logic play out in a movie and write up an essay/discussion post of how you would explain the process to a high school senior that has heard of global warming but is not clear about the physical mechanisms of climate change and how humans are influencing those mechanisms to alter the climate. Be sure to explain all parts of each of the following questions: I. How greenhouse gases could alter the Earth's temperature including: Observed changes in the temperature and CO2 concentrations: present day, the last 650,000 years (the ice ages), and planetary comparisons (5 points) These sites might be useful: (ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي.)ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي. (ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي.)ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي. How the greenhouse effect works (5 points) Perhaps refer to Fig 4.5 in your text and/or the CO2 in a jar experiment (include the link)! II. Explain Gore’s arguments refuting three common Climate Denier Myths (5 points each): Scientists don’t agree; science articles vs. news comparison perhaps watch this clip:ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي. Doing something would ruin our economy; automobile industry example. Despair is the only possible reaction; list at least 5 advances humans have made of similar magnitude to reversing global warming. III. Organization and clarity (3 points). Use separate headings for each of the points listed above and make sure there is a logical flow to your arguments. For full points, follow the Discussion Board Rubric attached to the assignment (gear box in upper right). Remember to provide substantive responses to at least two other student's posts (2 points), and we will figure that you have explained things well to your new friend. We are looking forward to reading your explanations!
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