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4/30 8AM: Asian Culture Media Representation in America

I would like this done by tonight. Latest Monday morning. Topic: Examine the lack of strong Asian representation of American Media. Show the roles that are portrayed in media and the cross culture affects. What is outcome in reality if most media outlets are portraying a limited image. Jackie Chan, jet lee ; stereotypical roles Great wall movie played by Matt Damon Lucy Lu, Breaks out of stereotypical roles 16 candles; Racist and stereotypical breakfast at Tiffany's: racist and stereotype. Fresh off the boat; was heavily critique due to being more authentic. And not relate-able to americans Crazy rich Asian movie key words to use during essay: # beliefs, bias, cross cultural comparisons, cognitive development, cultural world view, enculturation, ethnocentrism, identity, Choose 9 scholarly articles some related to the above topics; summarize each with citations in APA format Each paragraph should be at least 8 sentences. Make first Summary using the first 3 of the nine summaries. Make second summary using 6 of 9. Make third summary using the last 3 articles. Intro importance of this topic and the methods chosen to pick articles. keywords etc. article 1 summary article 2 summary article 3 summary summary 1-3 relate to thesis repeat 4-6 summary related to thesis repeat 7-9 summary to thesis conclusion Citation page
I would like this done by tonight. Latest Monday morning. Topic: Examine the lack of strong Asian representation of American Media. Show the roles that are portrayed in media and the cross culture affects.
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