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Police Brutality (Example)

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 Police brutality Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction Allan Feuer the author of Fatal Police Shooting in Bronx Echoes One from 32 Years Ago exposes the issue of police brutality that is in America. He states that the issue of police brutality can be dated back in the history of America when it was experienced. Besides other issues that show discrimination of the less privileged in America police brutality has taken a different shape that is worrying to most Americans. There are people who are losing lives for no reason as they happen to be among groups and mass shooting by policemen takes place (Feuer 2016). Feuer raises the issue that the government is failing in its responsibility of ensuring that the citizens are safe in their areas of residence. There is no American citizen who should be affected by the issue of police brutality as it can be old. He argues that such people in the discrimination bracket should have another way through which their lives would be better. His argument is a clear indicator that there are bodies which are failing in their lines of duty and nothing is being done to make the situation better. His reference to a 32 year old case is a way of showing that some of the issues that are being fought against in America might take decades before they come to an end and some may never possibly come to an end. It is sad that brutality may remain to be a part of the American police and will always affect the less privileged in the society as they can hardly fight for their rights. References Feuer A. (2016). Fatal Police Shooting in Bronx Echoes One from 32 Years Ago. retrieved 20th October 2016 shooting-in-bronx-echoes-one-from-32-years- ago.htmll?rref=collection%2Ftimestopic%2FPolice%20Brutality%20and%20Misncondu ct [...]

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TOPIC: Police Brutality *** Paper must be written from a current event online ex. ENG101 Essay Two: The Analysis Paper The second assignment in ENG101 is the analysis paper; this paper should be at least four to six pages (1,000-1,500 words) in length. This essay will be an analysis of an article related to the issue you focused on for Essay 1(POLICE BRUTALITY). An analysis “give[s] your readers your interpretation of the reading source and in so doing explain how one or more characteristics of the text contributes to its meaning” Essay focuses on analyzing “how” the writer puts the argument together. To successfully complete this assignment, you will: 1. Find an article that takes a side in that debate and argues a position; 2. Summarize the position and main claims for that position in the article; 3. Identify the audience and purpose of the article; 4. Identify specific features of the text, including types of evidence/support, figurative language, sentence elements, images, references, allusions, and organizational patterns. 5. Analyze the effectiveness of the use of those features to persuade the audience of the stance supported in the article. The article you choose to respond to must present an argument on the issue you choose. To find an article, choose a general subject by examining your interests, current political controversies, or personal experiences. A bit of research on news sites like and might help you identify things that folks are writing about. The opinion sections of those websites are especially good places to look. *****PAGE SET UP!!!!!! Basic Organizational Pattern: The basic structure from Essay can be used here, with some slight alterations. Here, you would focus on features in those body paragraphs, rather than claims: 1. Introduction: See the Baker College Writing Guide, Writing Process" tab, "Prewriting/Invention" box, and then link to "Introduction" for some strategies to begin the paper. Setting up some context for the issue is a great way to open a position paper, as it allows you to show the issue is current. End this introduction paragraph with your thesis statement. 2. Summary: Summarize the position argued in the article, as well as those main claims. Use signal phrasing in the summary to keep the reader on track. 3. Feature 1: Set up the first feature of the writing in a topic sentence that also sets up your basic analysis of that feature. As you analyze, you’ll want to consider the audience and purpose and how the feature would work within that context. 4. Feature 2: See above. 5. Feature 3: See above. 6. Conclusion: Think about how you can lead the reader back out of the paper. Special considerations: Note that while you are analyzing an argument, your paper is not about the topic/issue so much as it is an analysis of how the writer uses specific techniques to achieve their purpose. Expect to use clear signal phrasing in the summary and in the topic sentences to keep the paper focused on response, rather than on topical argument. Work cited and APA format

Subject Area: Psychology

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