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SUBJECT AREA Cultural Studies
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Paper
CREATED ON 28th April 2018
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GMO food safety is dangerous due to the lack of long term study and regulation

Your job for the essay is not merely to inform me(the professor) about the topic you've chosen for your research paper, but to persuade me of your specific position on that topic. To do this you’ll need to utilize effective rhetorical appeals appropriate for the particular audience (a college instructor). You will establish ethos by following MLA or APA format, writing with correct grammar and clear language (canon of style), and referencing reliable outside sources. You will use logos by developing well-constructed paragraphs with insightful arguments and clear explanations (canon of invention), and by organizing your overall paper (canon of arrangement) in a logical manner according to one of the approaches we've covered. You may also use a bit of pathos in the introduction and the conclusion of your essay, getting me interested in the topic (introduction) and explaining the larger implications of your argument (conclusion). But, be aware that this particular rhetorical situation (the academic environment) demands that you keep pathos to a minimum. Logical and evidence-based arguments that are clearly explained and well-organized will be the most persuasive to me! The essay must be at least 2000 words in length (about 6 full pages), follow MLA format (including format, citations, and works cited/references page), and also follow all the format guidelines listed in the syllabus (Times New Roman 12-point font, one inch margins, no extra spaces between paragraphs). You will need to submit your final essay to SafeAssign (via Blackboard. Essays that don’t meet the length requirement will lose 20% per missing page (that means 10% for missing ½ page!). Essays that lack the required sources will lose 20% per missing source. Any essay that includes ANY uncited words or ideas taken from ANY outside source will receive a ZERO! Must use the attached articles and books as references and sources. Need a minimum of 25 quotes from the sources.
Your job for the essay is not merely to inform me(the professor) about the topic you've chosen for your research paper, but to persuade me of your specific position on that topic. To do this you’ll need to utilize effective rhetorical appeals appropriate for the particular audience (a college instructor). You will establish ethos by following MLA or APA format, writing with correct grammar and clear language (canon of style), and referencing reliable outside sources. You will use logos by developing well-constructed paragraphs with insightful arguments and clear explanations (canon of invention), and by organizing your overall paper (canon of arrangement) in a logical manner according to one of the approaches we've covered.
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