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Global Tax Evasion: Business and the World Economy: Case Study Analysis

Need a writer majored in Economics or they have to have the ability to thoroughly explain and analyse points regarding the topic: Global Tax Evasion. A well written (~1650 words) report providing an extensive analysis of a case study (Global Tax Evasion). Written in full prose and supported by sound points, evidence and analysis. (The paper is analytical not descriptive) Global Tax Evasion - how big a problem and what is to be done (general guiding questions): ¬ Why is it an economic (and why a political/ethical) problem? ¬ Why does it loom so large now (not just why has it been more noted but why has it become so large)? ¬ What measures have been proposed and what are the possible solutions to remedy the problem?
Need a writer majored in Economics or they have to have the ability to thoroughly explain and analyse points regarding the topic: Global Tax Evasion. A well written (~1650 words) report providing an extensive analysis of a case study (Global Tax Evasion). Written in full prose and supported by sound points, evidence and analysis. (The paper is analytical not descriptive) Global Tax Evasion - how big a problem and what is to be done (general guiding questions): ¬ Why is it an economic (and why a political/ethical) problem?
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