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Education and the reproduction of structure : Savage Inequalities

Questions to guide posts: 1) Your questions: 2 ) Why did the local school boards choice to give both poor and rich schools an equal number of computers impact the poor schools negatively and the wealthier schools positively? What do you think was meant by the local board chairman's response( p. 84)? How do you think he understands the problem? 3) On p. 87, there is an interaction between student and teacher in a social studies class. Given what you know about this school from the reading, what sociological concepts are reflected in this interaction? Explain. 4) According to the reading, affluent districts were funded at a much higher rate than low-income districts(p. 98-99). How does the NYCBOE official explain this disparity? How do you think this school official understand the problem of low-income schools? How do you think the author understand the problem? How are the two different? How does the funding impact the life chances of the students in the low-income schools?
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