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The Relationship between Media, Culture and Society

"A moment in Time: The Relationship between Media, Culture and Society." Your objective, stop the clock right now, what is the relationship between media, culture, and society in the United States. This is not a report but a researched (evidence) essay in which you take and argue your point of view and perspectives. Please make sure you back up your position with at least three cited sources beyond your text. A total of four sources should be in your bibliography (including text). This is an opinion based paper on how you believe society and our culture is affected by all forms of media (news channels and social media). How does biased news and media affect our culture. 4-5 pages.
"A moment in Time: The Relationship between Media, Culture and Society." Your objective, stop the clock right now, what is the relationship between media, culture, and society in the United States. This is not a report but a researched (evidence) essay in which you take and argue your point of view and perspectives. Please make sure you back up your position with at least three cited sources beyond your text. A total of four sources should be in your bibliography (including text).
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