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Communication Issue in Interpersonal Relationships

Your final paper is to focus on a communication issue in an interpersonal relationship. More specifically, you need to choose a topic that couples (or other interpersonal relationships such as friends, family members, etc.) often have difficulty with in real life. You may either choose a topic that relates to one of your own interpersonal relationships, or you may speak more broadly about relationships in general. This topic must relate to one discussed in class. You need to review the literature and become an expert in this topic area and write a paper that would assist individuals facing this issue. Your paper should include a brief literature review of 3 outside scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals (approximately 3-4 double spaced pages), as well as things that individuals could do with their interpersonal partners to help them better manage this problem (approximately another 1-2 pages). Try to “think outside the box” on this part. What might be some innovative ways for people in interpersonal relationships to resolve this problem that is communication based? For instance, not many people audio or videotape their typical interactions. What might couples gain by videotaping themselves and analyzing how they communicate with one another? Oftentimes people aren’t aware of how they communicate with one another and the underlying sources of the problem.
Your final paper is to focus on a communication issue in an interpersonal relationship. More specifically, you need to choose a topic that couples (or other interpersonal relationships such as friends, family members, etc.) often have difficulty with in real life. You may either choose a topic that relates to one of your own interpersonal relationships, or you may speak more broadly about relationships in general. This topic must relate to one discussed in class.
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