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Advance clinical practice - termination in therapy

Final written assignment using APA formatting A detailed outline follows: Present and develop an overview of a client you have worked with. What theory drove your work with this client? What intervention did you use? Which goals/objectives were met? Which were not? What were the obstacles? Discuss your thoughts about endings/terminations with the client, agency and the student role. What were anticipated/unanticipated responses from your client and yourself in the termination process? What ethical considerations influenced your work during termination? (E.g. adequacy of referrals, disclosure, confidentiality). What is the termination plan for the client (i.e. transfer, referral)?
Final written assignment using APA formatting A detailed outline follows: Present and develop an overview of a client you have worked with. What theory drove your work with this client? What intervention did you use? Which goals/objectives were met?
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