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Seeing Women in the Villa of the Mysteries: A Modern Excavation of the Dionysiac Murals

Specifications: -5 pages using Times 12 font; double space; 1” margin on all sides. No hand-written, e-mailed, or late papers will be accepted. -Follow Chicago Manual of Style format for bibliography and footnotes. -Due: Thursday, April 19 -Purpose: This short writing assignment will introduce you to recent research on the art and archaeology of ancient Rome. -Address the following in your paper: • Clearly state your own thesis, that is, your understanding of Bergmann’s research. State this in your first paragraph (your introduction) and return to it in your conclusion. • What is Bergmann’s thesis? • What evidence does Bergmann use to support her thesis? For this, consider what other visual parallels (objects and works of art) and ancient literary sources (primary sources) Bergmann uses. • Cite and explain at least one fact you have learned about the art, architecture, and archaeology of ancient Rome. • Are there other examples examined in class or in Stokstad and Cothren that you more fully understand after reading Bergmann? • What puzzles you about the work(s) discussed by the author? • What, do you feel, is this author’s contribution to the field of art history in this text?
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