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Research paper on social issues in (the absolutely true story of a part time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Must use three reliable outside sources in addition to primary source (the absolutely true story of a part time Indian). Must use a minimum of one peer reviewed academic journal as a source. Typed in MLA format with works cited page. Research paper must be written off of the following thesis statement, “In the novel junior depicts struggles he faces in his community like racism, addiction and alcoholism. These struggles are also an ongoing problem in the majority of Indian reservations across America”. When posing your research question you must identity the role of racism, addiction and alcoholism in the novel and what the author might be saying about the world or our society at large. This will be an argumentative essay and you must support your claim with examples or proof from outside sources and the book. In the introduction paragraph please give a brief summary of the novel and be sure not to summarize too much in body paragraphs. I will attach a photo of the the rubric.
Must use three reliable outside sources in addition to primary source (the absolutely true story of a part time Indian). Must use a minimum of one peer reviewed academic journal as a source. Typed in MLA format with works cited page. Research paper must be written off of the following thesis statement, “In the novel junior depicts struggles he faces in his community like racism, addiction and alcoholism.
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