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To what extent does Essington’s environmental quality vary?

AQA GEOGRAPHY A-LEVEL (A2) COURSEWORK! PLEASE READ: Please follow AQA (British) specification.... ( this is attached as a document, please read as this is completely detrimental for this coursework ). Past experience with this specification is preferable. This is 20% of my overall Grade so I would appreciate top tier ;) Additionally I would like to thank anyone doing this in advance it is a bit of short time frame with a 4000 word limit (excluding methodology). Absolute must: .Title page/ contents page ( nothing crazy) .introduction ( needs background history with references to information sources for bibliography) images of Essington( west midlands) OS maps if possible but not necessary 100%. . Link to the specification ( just what area of the course my coursework links to, doesn't need justification, literally just list of what it links to eg (3.2.4) Population and the environment) .Methodology (including 3 sub hypothesis linking to overall project question) Also just three columns ( hypothesis, Method(s), Evaluation of said method) The following sub- hypothesis must include advanced level 3 methods/ techniques such as Spearman's rank in order to gain top band. . Sub-hypothesis 1( needs to be 100% relevant to topic) . Sub-hypothesis 2( needs to be 100% relevant to topic) . Sub-hypothesis 3( needs to be 100% relevant to topic) . Conclusion ( just a sort of summary of results drawing conclusions from sub hypothesis for main question with a definitive answer from all three in combination. . Evaluation ( Acknowledgement that I could have done more, problems with methods such as Environmental quality survey being subjective, stats empirical and quantitative data and significance levels, consistent problem in definition of environmental quality( implied but not explicit), improvements and again higher level (endogenous and exogenous factors) . Bibliography ( compilation of Harvard references from the introduction)
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