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7 page persuasive essay/ MLA / with Tentative outline and also Tentative ouline w sources

Tentative outline I've put in attached file due 4/16 by noon Tentative outline with sources due in a week Paper itself due in 10 days Write a 7 page paper using the research proposal I've already created - doesn't have to use all of it - but keeping in mind what I have here. Paper 4 Research Proposal 1) What subject do you want to write about for Paper 4? Nicotine 2) What interests you about this subject? I have several people in my family that smoke. The ones closest to me have quit and started back smoking. 3) What is debatable about this subject? Briefly explain the most common viewpoints held by people who write about this subject. People that smoke debate the effect that it has on their health. People that “dip” instead of smoking feel that it is better for them than smoking. I think anyone that writes about nicotine knows how bad it is and the view of anyone that isn’t currently smoking is that it’s one of the worst things you can do to harm yourself. 4) Based on what you know about the subject, what question will you attempt to answer with your paper? I’ll attempt to answer where the mind is at that knows how bad nicotine is but the person still chooses to use. The people that quit declare better health etc. only to go back to using. 5) As of today, what do you think the answer to the question you wrote down for #4 will be? I think it will be immediate gratification and baseless excuses. I also think that the fact that it is legal (even though it’s so harmful) causes a person to ignore the harm. 6) Below, list four to six distinct reasons you think the statement you wrote down for #5 is true: 1) The changes the body goes through (for the better) immediately following not smoking is seen in anyone that stops for even a few days. The “high” or feeling they get has to be so good that they ignore health. 2) The fact that nicotine is mixed with known carcinogens and people ingest daily because it’s legal. 3) When people that smoke are together they smoke more. 4) When people drink alcohol, they lose even more care about health and the use of cigarettes is increased. 5) When you ask a smoker why they smoke they start to talk about needing to quit. 6) 7) Below, list the kinds of information you think you might need to support the ideas you listed for #6: 1) interview smokers about how they felt (Physically) the last time they quit smoking 2) information from the research on nicotine and tobacco 3)interview people who have recently quit using nicotine 4)research on how nicotine effects the body 5)how nicotine use has changed from a social perspective 6)my own research on how many cigarettes a person smokes when with other smoking and while drinking alcohol.
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