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Post Your Reflections on the Foundations of Biological Anthropology Lectures

Generally, as outlined in the syllabus, each week you will have a quick quiz (due SATURDAYS at midnight) on key content and ideas from the week AND a set of reflections to write (due SUNDAYS at midnight). This week you do not have a quiz and you only need to share written reflections with the class on the THREE opening lectures. You need to demonstrate your interaction with at least ONE idea, concept or piece of material PER LECTURE. This week, you need to comment on THREE lectures: 1) Critical Questions in Biological Anthropology, 2) Biological Anthropology History and 3) Biological Determinism, Biocultural Model and Constructivism. Please write about one paragraph per lecture addressing specific lecture content. You also need to share personal reflections, comments or questions with the class related to the week's content. What are you thinking about the material? Did anything specifically get your attention? Was there anything with which you resonated or disagreed? Are there any new ideas or wonders that you have after being exposed to the material? What connections did you make with the content? Your post should be 4-5 paragraphs long (18-20 sentences) and must include at least ONE paragraph per lecture and ONE paragraph of your own thoughts and connections.
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