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Explanatory thesis essay - Discuss the elements necessary for children to thrive in their environment

Explanatory Thesis essay my prompt is the elements necessary for children to thrive in their environment. 750 words minimum. It must have 3 sources, I will include link for articles and outline. THIS ESSAY IS DUE ON TUESDAY 4/17. The essay should be 6 paragraphs 1. Introduction - hook then outline topic/key issues/background 2. Review 3 sources, Hidden Intellectualism, Sanctuary of School and Compulsory reading ( I will include links) Identify the key arguments of each source and explain the perspectives of the author in relation to the topic under investigation. (summarizing but only the main points) THIS PARAGRAPH MUST END WITH A CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT TO SHOW WHAT I WILL BE ARGUING. 3. Body paragraph 1 - topic sentence must come first, then development and reference (MUST REFER TO 2 SOURCES EACH BODY PARAGRAPH AND INCLUDE IN-TEXT CITATIONS, MLA FORMAT) 4. Body Paragraph 2 - topic sentence (same rules as above) 5. Body paragraph 3 - topic sentence and same format as previous 2 paragraphs 6.CONCLUSION: Restate thesis and key ideas and highlight the significance of the issue while offering a final insight For those of you who do not have the textbook EEA, here are some links to the three readings for the Explanatory Synthesis Essay and this next module of work: “The Sanctuary of School” by Linda Barry “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graaf,%20Gerald.%20'Hidden%20Intellectualism'.pdf “Compulsory Reading” by Alison Bechdel
Explanatory Thesis essay my prompt is the elements necessary for children to thrive in their environment. 750 words minimum. It must have 3 sources, I will include link for articles and outline. THIS ESSAY IS DUE ON TUESDAY 4/17.
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