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6 Topics, 6 Articles related to weight loss, 6 paragraphs

CRITICAL THINKING Step 1. Find articles on related to weight loss for each of the 6 topics (seen below) the article has to be put into a portfolio so it has to be able to take a screenshot of. For example, you could photocopy an article or print a screenshot of a website. Step 2. For each article write one paragraph (150+ words each) analyzing WHY/HOW the specific topic works in that chosen article. Topics: (ALL OF THEM NEED TO BE COVERED) 1. A case study and whether the case study is good evidence or not. 2. An an average, with a range specified.* Comment on whether outliers are included or omitted. 3. An average with a median specified.* 4. An article with variance or standard deviation and an explanation of why that is important.* 5. An article with a margin of error.* 6. An article which mentions significance and a comment on whether the significance is or is not important.*
CRITICAL THINKING Step 1. Find articles on related to weight loss for each of the 6 topics (seen below) the article has to be put into a portfolio so it has to be able to take a screenshot of. For example, you could photocopy an article or print a screenshot of a website. Step 2.
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