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Hello, I need a letter of recommendation for a student I am writing for you. Please do not comment if you have no experience in writing letter of recommendations for a school admission. I need this done as soon as possible. will provide additional info on the student.
Hello, I need a letter of recommendation for a student I am writing for you. Please do not comment if you have no experience in writing letter of recommendations for a school admission. I need this done as soon as possible. will provide additional info on the student.
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importance of leadership, function of top,middle and low level employee
Assignment 3.. Please find the instruction from attached PDF page 5-7. Please focus on highlighted text. The red ones are utmost important. Deadline for presentation is Wednesday. please provide the required stuff for presentation till Wednesday. Presentation must not be very detailed but each and every aspect must be included an must be made visible interactively...
Changes, Response Strategies, and Future Predictions of the Fast Food Chains
I need a revision and editing for this Essay. its a cause and effect analysis essay and the points need to be constructed better. I need someone who can do this quickly. I have a 7pm deadline for today. Thanks.
English Language
Masters in Public Policy and International Affairs
I need an essay, regarding a Public Policy issue admissions essay for a masters program. I have attached all the information I want included from an essay I had written, I simply request that this be paraphrased and written in a more structured essay.
Admission / Scholarship Essay
Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct and Foxconn’s Chinese Factories
In March 2012, the Fair Labor Association ( FLA) released the results of an independent, month- long investigation, commissioned by Apple, on labor conditions at three enormous Chinese factories where the company’s iPhones, iPads, and other popular consumer electronics were manufactured. The FLA, a nongovernment organization committed to promoting..
Fundamental Human Rights and Exploitation with Prompts
Using 'The Girl in the Window', create a list of universal inalienable rights we all should share. If you could choose to create a broader list of rights where would you start? For instance a Right to Internet Access? Does the outsourcing of jobs empower poorer nations or exploit them? What difference between a minimum wage and a livable wage? What do we have in the..
How women were depicted by the popular media during World War 2 and post war period.
The file I have attached is my classmate's essay, and I would like you to rewrite the essay so that teacher assistants and professor will not be able to know that I used her work for the essay. The conclusion part is not done, and I would also like you to write the conclusion for me. Please also read the prompt I have attached and rewrite according to the prompt and what..
How the popular media depicted American women during WW2 and the postwar period
I am looking for someone who can check my grammar carefully and make my essay better in general over all. Also, I'm looking for someone to write the conclusion according to my overall essay and also following the prompt. My 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs are weak (also not finished) so please add some meat to them following the instructions. I don't mind if you completely..
Write an essay about Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X and how they learned to read and write.
Writing About Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Write an essay about Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X and how they learned to read and write. Instructions: Follow the directions of the writing scaffold exactly. Write an essay that compares the learning to read and write experiences of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X. (Before attempting this essay, you should..
English Language
DA#1 -Fundamental Strategic Issues facing the Healthcare industry
FORMAT: Single Spacing, Font Size 12, Word document or rtf, Reference – APA, No Title Page, No Running Headers, insert charts and graphics, 1″ margins. Provide your thoughts about the fundamental strategic issues facing the industry in which your organization exists. Compare the performance of your company (University of Tennessee Medical Center) against..
Are independent learning skills important for academic success? Refer to one or more countries as examples.
it is research essay that I need to submit before 24th Oct, so I need a writer who can finish it within 5 days and allow me have time to make a little modification. the essay should be between 900-1100 words and most of words should refer to at least 5 academic articles, about articles I already set up, in the attach files, it is necessary to use these 5 articles to finish..
Reflection Paper 1- fundamental attribution error
What is the fundamental attribution error (FAE)? Describe a time when you committed the FAE? Don’t give an example discussed in the textbook. What happened? What were the consequences of your mistake? How does the FAE relate to personality judgment? Use Ch. 4 on “Personality Traits, Situations, and Behavior,” especially the section on “Persons and Situations,”..
part1 (PTSD) in the military. part2;Three stages of transition.
Task#1:Find an article that discusses the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the military. Write a brief summary and post to the discussion for this week. Include your thoughts and reactions to the article. Comment on at least four other students' postings. Task#2. Write a 2-3 page paper in proper APA format discussing the three stages of transition..
Literature / Movie review
legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use
Throughout the course, you will be writing an 8 to 10 page research report, including the Works Cited page. For the Research Report you are not taking a side on the issue. Use your Plan of Development and thesis to show the categories of opposing views you will be examining. After you have drafted the body of your essay, remind your readers of the main idea by developing..
Research Paper
English Language
Uniform Code of Military Justice, (UCMJ) and Non Judicial Punishment, (NJP).
Term Paper:due Sat 11:59 pm, CT The Term Paper will cover the Uniform Code of Military Justice, (UCMJ) and Non Judicial Punishment, (NJP). Write a paper summarizing these two types of military justice systems. Describe the types of court marital, maximum punishments, who can convene a court martial, the types of discharges, and how those discharges can affect..
Research Paper
Organizational Behavior - workplace practices @WalMart #3
For the problem-based learning activity in this course you will play the role of a Human Resources Executive at Walmart. The senior management has asked you to do a thorough analysis of the organizational culture and how the current organization behavior affects it. You will produce a report in this course on any opportunities to shape Walmart’s organizational..

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This project examines the procedure of British Petroleum (BP) in the light of established international business theories. Two major aspects are considered; Globalisation strategy and corporate social responsibility & ethics. Although certain failings are highlighted BP is assessed to perform optimally on both counts. A conclusion is drawn and certain advice with regards to the style of research are made in the final section. Report Contents The report assesses..
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Reshaping Care For Older People In Scotland Social Work Essay
This task centres on the response from several service users who have been diagnosed with dementia and be present at a day care service in the Perth and Kinross area to a consultation regarding the future delivery of care for the elderly in Scotland. Evidently, the Scottish authorities has explained that with the populace of folks aged 65 and over in Scotland likely to increase by up to 21 % by 2016 and 62 % bigger by 2031, as well as the increasing cost of funding health and social care..
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Dawkins proposed that the individual is only a carrier for genes (the replicators), and this the body functions as a pre-coded tool where these genes propagate themselves, adapting over time to match the needs of their environment. Midgely's debate hinges around a misinterpretation of Dawkins' theory on several levels. Mistakenly projecting the nature of genetic selection to its implications for the real human mind is a repeated theme in her article 'Gene Juggling. ' She..
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Children Sexually
Other Religions
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A Little Backdrop On The Author Of Liberty And Tranquility Essay
A little history on the publisher of "Liberty and Peace" Mrs. Phillis Wheatley the girl was delivered to the America in the 1700's from west Africa pertaining to slavery. However , she was only seven years old and end up in Boston instead of the south additional slaves. It had been there where her fictional talents had been discovered simply by her servant masters the Wheatley's. Your woman was educated to read and write such as the other kids within the Wheatley's..
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Flannery O'Connor's A fantastic Man is Hard to Find"A Good Man is Hard to look for presents a masterful portrait of a female who provides an impressive self and a world through language. inch At least that is what Mary Anne Shenck thinks of the Flannery O'Connor account. Several different people have several different views of this debatable and weather work of O'Connor's. In this paper Let me take a look at these different views of different situations..
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Composition on The Role of Mass media in the War Effort for the Home Entrance
The Role of Media inside the War Hard work on the Residence FrontIntro: During the warfare, media was everywhere, on lampposts, inshops, everywhere a person went they might see divulgacion all aroundthese people. The media got into someones lives; it influenced them andcheered them up. It also advised people regarding recent incidents, it kept themup to date.Media got many varieties in the conflict; there was the airwaves, cinema, magazinesand posters. Television had no..
Britain Fighting
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Article on Family members Lifestyle: Basic safety, Smoking and Food Sanitation
Family members LifestyleIn accordance to family life style project I interviewed my dad and his partner to know his family lifestyle especially in safety, smoking and food cleanliness.They are via Ras 's Khaimah, my personal uncle age is 37 years old, He can employee in ministry of health and my personal uncles wife age has developed for a long time, She is stay at home mom, both of them completed secondary university and they possess 4 kids, 3 kids their age 12, 8, some and a..
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