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Legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use

Throughout the course, you will be writing an 8 to 10 page research report, including the Works Cited page. For the Research Report you are not taking a side on the issue. Use your Plan of Development and thesis to show the categories of opposing views you will be examining. After you have drafted the body of your essay, remind your readers of the main idea by developing a conclusion that summarizes the key points. For example: “When considering consumer health issues, shelf life, cost, and taste, there are many comparisons to be made between Miracle Whip and mayonnaise.” Notice that I did not take a side; I am simply presenting information. (Of course, your topic will be much more interesting and consequential than my example.) Your report should use at least six (6) citations with the corresponding entries listed on the works cited (at least six different sources). Make sure to include parenthetical documentation. The Works cited begins on its own page; do not run it into the paper. Use MLA formatting, double-space, use 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman, and save your report as an MS Word document. Proofread it carefully, making corrections; you may want to submit it to the Success Center online for additional help. The first draft of the Research Report will be due in Learning Unit 7. This will give you time to draft, redraft, proofread, and if needed, get additional help.
Throughout the course, you will be writing an 8 to 10 page research report, including the Works Cited page. For the Research Report you are not taking a side on the issue. Use your Plan of Development and thesis to show the categories of opposing views you will be examining. After you have drafted the body of your essay, remind your readers of the main idea by developing a conclusion that summarizes the key points.
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