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What does it mean to be a citizen and how has our ideal of citizenship been influenced by the ancient Greeks

What does it mean to be a citizen and how has our ideal of citizenship been influenced by the ancient Greeks? How important is political knowledge to citizenship? Political analysts have identified a significant change in the American public’s level of trust in government over the last 50 years. Describe the direction of this change and discuss some of the recent events that have led Americans to reevaluate their feelings toward government. Is there any reason to be worried about how much trust citizens have in their government? If there is reason to be worried, what can be done to address this?
What does it mean to be a citizen and how has our ideal of citizenship been influenced by the ancient Greeks? How important is political knowledge to citizenship? Political analysts have identified a significant change in the American public’s level of trust in government over the last 50 years. Describe the direction of this change and discuss some of the recent events that have led Americans to reevaluate their feelings toward government.
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