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Rational Argument Paper and Applied Summary Paper -two papets

#1 paper 3-5 pages Rational Argument Paper  Select an ethical dilemma like:  Cheating  Make a rational argument for a solution using definition of terms (neutral def.), reasoning, and evidence.  Connect your argument to an ethical approach described in the readings (pick one)  Utilitarianism  Ethical Egoism  Kant’s Duty Ethic  Divine Command Theory  Write between 3 and 5 pages  Goals of the Assignment: 1. To demonstrate your ability to reach a rational conclusion to an ethical dilemma. 2. To demonstrate your knowledge of your ethical system in comparison to those being studied. APA style, headings, connect rational argument to ethical system ---------------------------------------------------------------- #2 paper 7 pages Applied Summary Paper This Summary Paper should address the following: 1. Describe the differences between consequentialist and categorical ethical systems? 2. Describe the differences between absolutist, relativist, and pluralistic approaches to ethics. 3. Compare the Kohlberg model of moral development to Gilligan model. 4. Describe the role gender or race or culture plays in the development of ethical systems. Select only one of the topic choices. 5. Identify a significant ethical issue in the world today and explain how it should be addressed? (Define terms, provide evidence, identify your form of reasoning,and identify your underlying ethical system) Goals of the Assignment: To demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of key course concepts. To demonstrate the ability to apply ethical principles to contemporary issues. 7-10 pages; double spaced; 1 inch margins all around; APA
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