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Outline and discuss why safeguarding is important in both junior and adult contexts of sport?

Discuss with reference to two recent cases (one junior based and one adult based) including outlining lessons learnt for the future. • You should demonstrate good understanding and engagement with relevant language throughout; • You should demonstrate engagement with the key issues discussed during the course; • You should demonstrate your understanding of government policy alongside recent social and curricular change which impacts on Physical Education and sport; • You should reference journals and texts as indicated during lectures and in your course handbook. If you cite policies, strategies or other items available online, please
Discuss with reference to two recent cases (one junior based and one adult based) including outlining lessons learnt for the future. • You should demonstrate good understanding and engagement with relevant language throughout; • You should demonstrate engagement with the key issues discussed during the course; • You should demonstrate your understanding of government policy alongside recent social and curricular change which impacts on Physical Education and sport; • You should reference journals and texts as indicated during lectures and in your course handbook.
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