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M6 Written Assignment: Area of Study and Concentration Guidelines Connection

Refer to the chart you created for weeks 7-8, Area of Study and Concentration Guidelines Part 1. Since creating this chart, did you add courses, PLA titles, etc. to your degree plan that relate to the area of study guidelines for your concentration? If so, update this chart to reflect these additions. Using the information from your chart, explain how the items/courses/PLAs in your concentration satisfy each area of study guideline for your concentration. Remember that you are writing for a public audience, an assessment committee, so it is important to analyze the link between the actual course(s) and related guideline
Refer to the chart you created for weeks 7-8, Area of Study and Concentration Guidelines Part 1. Since creating this chart, did you add courses, PLA titles, etc. to your degree plan that relate to the area of study guidelines for your concentration? If so, update this chart to reflect these additions.
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