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2 of two questions politic(I need it asap in few hours. bid it if you can do it)

I need these 2 paper seperated, each is about 2pages. And I will provide the method to log into the ebook in the attached file. Please use your own words. First one: Read the chapter on Interest Groups. Using your book and outside sources, pick ONE interest group. Describe it according to the types of interest groups explored in the chapter. Also, tell me the following: 1) what public problem has this interest group recently addressed and for what population? 2) What is the status or outcome of the interest group activity on that problem? 3) What is your opinion/evaluation on the interest group you have it critical to our political system, effective, fair? Explain. 2) Also, read the section on the "iron triangle" and the section "networks" carefully. Which one is more describes the position of the interest group you have chosen. Why? Second one: Read Chapter 13 and answer the following questions. Make sure you respond to at least TWO of your peers' responses. (due upcoming Saturday) 1) Think about discrimination in the past versus discrimination in present day; what present day discrimination issues do you see as being important? Why? Do not forget to use at least FIVE TERMS FROM YOUR CHAPTER in your response. 2) Look up the definitions of institutional and individual racism on a credible Internet source; what is the difference? Are either present today? Where and how? Be descriptive in your response.
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