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Research Proposal on Pay and Promotion in Government Service Based on Age

1. Written Assignments (30%) Paper 1: Research Proposal topic 1. 2 – 4+ pages introducing your topic/research question (s) and justifying why a survey is necessary to study this topic. See How to Write a Research Proposal guide. Paper 1 will include 1. Introduction, 2. Statement of the Problem, 3. Purpose of the Study, and 4. Research Question(s)/hypothesis. 1. Introduce your topic; this is a high-level introduction to your topic. 2. What to consider when choosing a topic: This will eventually become your Statement of the Problem. i. Are you passionate about your topic? ii. Is your topic manageable, given your time frame, resources, and availability of data sources? iii. Is your topic within your range of competence? iv. Is your topic significant in practical or theoretical terms? v. Is your topic original (Has it been done before?) vi. Does it take you where you want to go? What prompted you to research the topic selected? This is the Purpose of your Study. 2. What questions are you seeking to answer? What are you trying to prove? This will develop into your Research Question/Hypothesis. 3. Define any new terms of your study. Keep in mind that terms may take on a different meaning in your study. This will be part of Definition of terms of your proposal. **The survey, literature reviews and theoretical framework will be part of Paper 2, but getting a start on it will help you further develop your proposal: 4. Include a survey of questions you would ask of a sample. Your questions will not be final. You will have the opportunity to revise in paper 2. 5. Begin researching Literature that has been written and is relevant to your study and a theoretical framework (in some cases, you will use more than 1 theory) that will guide your study. Include a draft of your survey (preliminary list of potential questions) that will be part of your study. Paper 2: Theory, Lit Reviews, and Methodology 6. A revised version of paper 1 plus an additional 2 – 4+ 7. Include your theoretical framework (revised). 3. Begin 4. Begin c. Provide a revised survey (from paper 1). This will be part of the Instrumentation section of the proposal. 4. How do you propose to sample elements (interviews, observation, focus groups) and why? This is part of the Data Collection & Analysis Procedures section of our proposal. 5. Write a paragraph on the Protection of Participant’s Rights. Paper 3: Final Version of Research Proposal 6. Include an abstract 7. Make any necessary revisions to Paper 1 and Paper 2. 8. Run any necessary statistics, coding, etc. to begin writing the Findings section of the proposal. See How to Write a Research Proposal guide. 9. Include the Discussion section of the proposal, evaluating your findings. See How to Write a Research Proposal guide. 10. Include the Reference page (USE APA formatting) 11. Include appendices: your instrument, letter of consent, any other forms/documents used in your study. *You will incorporate all content from papers 1 and 2 revised into this final version. Your final version MUST look like the template provided (any deviations may cause you to lose points). Requirements: 1-inch margins, 11/12-point font, double-spaced, use APA (APA header levels for each section). Your final paper will be at minimum 12+ pages, not including appendices and reference pages. You can include tables/figures as part of your main paper. Your final survey will be part of the appendices. *You will incorporate all content from papers 1 and 2 revised into this final version. Your final version MUST look like the template provided (any deviations may cause you to lose points). Please review the instructor's feedback and apply the necessary changes as well as revamping the survey.
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