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CREATED ON 4th October 2016
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Marketing research on Turkey education market (you must be from/live in Turkey)

Only people who live in Turkey for more than 2 years and are natives/advanced in Turkish are eligible for this task. I need you to do some research regarding Turkish custom writing services (like Studybay, the site we are on right on) and answer the following questions: What are the main players on the Indian custom writing service market (either online or offline)? Both local and global. Provide URL’s if possible. Are there any local marketing channels that are unique for Turkey? Maybe there is a local social network known only in Turkey? Mention as many things as possible. What is the Turkish mentality towards cheating at school? For instance, in the US, cheating is taboo for the majority of students while there are other countries where it’s not a big deal. What Turks think about cheating at school? If you were a Turkish student and happen to google a service where you could hire a writer to get your written assignment (might be an essay) done, what would you type in Google? I’m looking for exact search terms (10-20 queries). Please note, that I don’t need an academic paper here. Don’t bother with academic formatting, language, etc. Just answer the questions, that’s it. Thank you.
Only people who live in Turkey for more than 2 years and are natives/advanced in Turkish are eligible for this task. I need you to do some research regarding Turkish custom writing services (like Studybay, the site we are on right on) and answer the following questions: What are the main players on the Indian custom writing service market (either online or offline)? Both local and global. Provide URL’s if possible.
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