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To identify the legal and moral issues surrounding the use of force by criminal justice personnel

Project: Part of the course outcomes are to identify the legal and moral issues surrounding the use of force by criminal justice personnel. You are to pick either a police department or sheriff’s office in the United States and find out what their current use of force policy entails. This may include calling the agency and/or going in person to retrieve the policy. You will then use your readings from the book to explain current legal issues and moral issues with a use of force case that may have been memorialized in the media. Think big picture, such as Erik Garner, or you may use something that was not in the media but is a true use of force. You will need to define the agency’s use of force policy, explain the use of force case that either has legal and/or moral issues with it, and examine if the officers and agency are complying with their use of force policy. Describe the implications that went along with the case-whether or not the agency or officer were sued, was it civilly or criminally, did the suspect have injuries or die from the use of force, and what was the fall out, if any, for the use of force, trial, and verdict? Where does the agency now stand on their policy of use of force? Were major changes made or mandated by DOJ? You must use APA format for this project, Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaced, and 3 page minimum. Sources must be cited and use of force policy must be attached or included in your work.
Project: Part of the course outcomes are to identify the legal and moral issues surrounding the use of force by criminal justice personnel. You are to pick either a police department or sheriff’s office in the United States and find out what their current use of force policy entails. This may include calling the agency and/or going in person to retrieve the policy. You will then use your readings from the book to explain current legal issues and moral issues with a use of force case that may have been memorialized in the media.
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