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Consumer behaviour assignment ( online vs in store shopping)

YOUR REPORT: • Plan for three observation periods, so that you can study different times or places as appropriate. Make notes of everything you see. Introduction: • Identify and describe the consumption activity and/or the market segment you have studied. • Briefly explain why the consumption activity is interesting to study and why it is important for marketers to understand it better. Background/Secondary Data: • This section should provide the context for your research. Provide any facts, figures, or data that will help your reader understand the activity better. For example, if you are studying the ritual of Super Bowl parties, it would be important to know how much consumption behavior is associated with the Super Bowl (consumer spending, advertising spending, etc). Think of this section as your opportunity to convince the reader that your topic is important and worth studying. • Note all of your sources (footnotes or endnotes) as necessary. Consumer/Primary Data: This should be the longest, most extensive section of your report!! • Explain the primary research that you conducted. Make sure to describe your methodology: for example, the people interviewed; how the interviewees were selected; how the interview was conducted; the questions used, etc. • Describe your findings. A good way of doing this is to state the finding, and then describe the support for it. (I often underline the finding for emphasis) For example: Alcohol consumption is a central feature of Super Bowl parties. We observed multiple instances of alcohol being consumed… The cooler or keg or bar was often prominent within the party… One person we interviewed told us… etc. • DO NOT simply report the results of your research. A research report that reads like this: “Interview A said this and this. Interview B said this and this. Interview C etc.” is boring and adds no value for the reader. Your job as the researcher is to consider all of the data and organize it in a way that gives the reader insight. • Incorporate terms and concepts learned in class whenever it’s appropriate. Conclusions: • Discuss what have you learned; what conclusions can you draw from your data collection; what factors influence this consumption activity. • Discuss the marketing implications of this consumption activity. How can the marketplace use the insights from your report? Appendix: • Include all interview or observation notes as an attachment to the report.
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