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Watch "Hoverboard " Sci-Fi films describe and discuss?

Hoverboard by Sydney Freeland This film is more in the fantasy genre than science fiction. The film represents the child’s imagination Pursuing the hoverboard provides an escape from her reality. Irony: if she were allowed to watch the Back to the Future II video (to indulge in passive entertainment rather than active creativity), she wouldn’t have invented the time machine to get the hoverboard. Message to parents – don’t miss out on child’s growth and development. Possible Essay Topic: What is the film’s message? And discuss the message of " Hoverboard" The film encourages one to exercise one’s imagination. This leads to developing problem solving skills and to scientific breakthroughs. THIS IS THE LINK OF THE HOVERBOARD FILM
Hoverboard by Sydney Freeland This film is more in the fantasy genre than science fiction. The film represents the child’s imagination Pursuing the hoverboard provides an escape from her reality. Irony: if she were allowed to watch the Back to the Future II video (to indulge in passive entertainment rather than active creativity), she wouldn’t have invented the time machine to get the hoverboard. Message to parents – don’t miss out on child’s growth and development.
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