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Report writing , Format: The final report should be in memo format

Background: You are an executive assistant (hopeful for a promotion) to the Director of a local Whole Foods Market. Your boss has received some corporate funding to do some field research on other local food spaces for market research. However, your boss has to tend to a personal engagement so she can’t leave town. This means that you get to benefit from the funds and attend to a food space on her behalf. Writing Task: Your task is to attend this selected food space, pay close attention and take careful notes, and then on your return, compose and deliver a report that will update your boss (and the rest of the department) on your experiences. The report should make it clear what Whole Foods Market got for its money by sending you to the conference. I want to see a clear connection between what you observed and your ideas/recommendations to your boss. Your recommendation and plan is key here! To carry out this assignment, you’ll be researching by: Reviewing Whole Foods Market’s website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and understanding what is important to the brand and how they connect to their consumers Selecting one key topic, issue, or theme from Food Inc. Visiting a food space (“the location”) The location is Main Street Canoga Park Farmers Market, address Sherman way & Owensmouth Ave, CanogaPark CA 91306
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