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Consideration and application of theoretical concepts to a strategic leadership dilemma

In this second task you will be asked to examine an organisation that you are familiar with and appraise the organisation’s structure, culture and approaches to leadership and organisational behaviour. You will then be required to analyse and evaluate these in relation to a strategic leadership dilemma within the organisation and how the application of theoretical concepts can support the resolution of this problem. You are the director of a multi-national company. During a changeover in the accounting department you discover your company/organisation has been routinely over- charging members of the public for services offered to them. Your finance officer says that repayment of charges would wreak havoc on company profits and bring them down to the point where jobs may have to be lost. Your company is regulated by the government and a recent audit did not pick up on the error. Your new finance officer says the problem will never come to light, so it is not something you should worry about; it happens in every company. The case of Volkswagen has recently been in the news. Source: Adapted from Daft, R.L., 2016. The New Era of Management. International Edition. Ohio: Thomson South-Western, p184 As the company director, what decision will you make, do nothing or do something? How will you go about making a decision? Which approach to decision-making is most relevant (utilitarism, moral rights etc?) What will you ultimately decide and why?
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